All cast iron cookware needs to be seasoned before first use. This process gives it a non-stick grilling surface and prevents corrosion. Kibo Grill comes pre-seasoned with a food-grade mineral oil, but it is wise to season the grill before first use.

How does it work?

Apply a thin coat of natural grease or oil to the top grill and place it in an oven at 180° Celsius. Once the grill starts to smoke it can be left to cool down.
Repeat this process two or three times. The more you repeat these steps, the better the cast iron will be seasoned.

Alternatively you can season the grill directly on the Kibo. Be sure the fire is not too hot or it will burn off the grease in stead of burning it into the cast iron.

Every time you grill, grease from your food will season the grill to further perfection.


After grilling, you can clean the grill with hot water (never use soap, do not put it in the dishwasher!). Be sure to leave it to dry completely, then add some grease or oil before storing it in a dry place.