Model: Kibo Grill 3.0
Product nr: TWM 080 K
Material: Cast Iron / Stainless Steel
Dimensions: H 28,5 x W 37,2 x D 32,2 cm
Weight: 10 Kg

Cast Iron

Cast iron is an ideal and traditional material for grilling, due to it’s durability, and it’s capacity for containing heat and distributing it evenly.


There are no hinges or screws in the design of Kibo Grill because they are known causes of failure over time. All elements are loose parts that fit together to one grilling system.


The fire bowl, besides for containing the fire, is engineered to provide all other functionality, such as: adjusting air-flow and grilling height, opening and closing the fire door.


For safety and comfort the poker-handle is the main tool for operating all functionalities of Kibo Grill.

Easy Assembly

No tools are needed for assembly. The grill can be assembled and disassembled by hand. All elements can be easily cleaned or replaced if necessary.